Aldi strikes again – MI products in sale promo

Aldi strikes again - MI products in sale promo

Discount supermarket Aldi is mounting another push into the MI market this week, heavily promoting a range of musical instruments led by a guitar and amp starter package priced at £89.99, closely followed by a ‘full sized light-up keyboard’ for just £69.99. In comparison, the cheapest electric guitar starter pack from discounter Gear4Music is currently £99.99

Other Aldi products on offer will include the inevitable ukulele, percussion sets, a recorder and a steel strung jumbo acoustic for £34.99.

Previous Aldi excursions into the MI market have divided industry opinion, with some claiming anything that helps children start to play grows the market, while others point to the inevitable loss of sales of beginner packs to specialist retailers already struggling in difficult trading conditions.