Fuzzrocious offers drop-in ‘Jawn’ modules

Fuzzrocious offers drop-in 'Jawn' modules

Left-field effects pedal maker Fuzzrocious has announced a new ‘drop in module’ for its range. The company is calling the module the Octave ‘Jawn’ (Philadelphia slang something like a thingamajig or a whatsisname, apparently) which turns out to be  a digital octaver specifically made to track faster than many other digital octavers on the market, according to distributor HTD. It is fully polyphonic, meaning that it can track chords, unlike an analogue octaver that only (sometimes) tracks single notes.

‘The Octave Jawn features 2 knobs. 1 mixes your clean and octaved signal and the other does full octave down at counterclockwise, full octave up at clockwise and a mix of octave down and up at noon,’ HTD adds.

Interestingly the Octave Jawn won’t be available as a standalone pedal, only as a module which can be added to various effects from the Fuzzrocious product line ordered from retailers.

Info: www.htd-uk.com