New small condenser mic from sE

New small condenser mic from sE

US specialist sE has a new small diaphragm condenser mic, just unveiled at Summer NAMM. Dubbed the sE8 it features a handcrafted gold-sputtered small-diaphragm true condenser capsule manufactured by sE in its own capsule room. The company says: ‘With this capsule’s brand new backplate design resulting in a more even, balanced sound and superior transient response as compared to any other small-capsule condenser of comparable price and beyond’.
According to sE’s Product Manager Thomas Stubics: ‘You can apply any shelving filters or peak EQ without harshness, unpleasant colorations or distorted transients – it just stays natural.’
The maker adds that this is accomplished with an extremely short, efficient signal path, without the use of ICs or transformers – and according to Stubics, the sE8 is ‘one of the quietest SDC microphones available today – and by far the quietest in its class. Sonically, we feel it can easily be compared with mics that retail for more than $1,000 USD per pair.’
Available from August there is no UK price yet but it will sell for elsewhere for $299 USD / €229 EUR (incl. VAT). It ships with a newly-designed mic clip, mic stand thread adapter, and protective wind screen.