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Godin CEO Visits UK Distributors JHS and UK Store Owners

Godin CEO Simon Godin, flew into the UK from the company’s headquarters in Quebec, Canada for a whistle stop tour to meet with JHS, who are distributors for the full line of Godin electric and acoustic guitars in the UK and the republic of Ireland and for an opportunity to meet newly appointed Godin stockists in geographically chosen areas to fit in with his tight schedule.

The first stop was Hickies Music in Reading, who have been in the Music Retail trade since 1864 and are a very strong supporter of local artists. Hickies very recently began carrying Art & Lutherie and Seagull guitars.

Simon Godin with Brian Rowe of Wunjo

 The next stop Wunjo Guitars in London’s iconic Denmark Street, where Wunjo owner Brian Rowe commented, “We were delighted to have Simon visit us here at Wunjo Guitars, we’ve always admired the quality involved within the construction and playability of the Godin family of guitars and delighted to be dealers for this innovative Canadian brand of high-quality instruments.”

Simon with Richard Cholerton of Hobgoblin Music

Then across to Hobgoblin Music – a great place to find interesting folk instruments. The Hobgoblin Music London store carries Art and Lutherie, and a selection of Godin world instruments, such as the Godin Multioud Encore.

From the capital, Simon travelled first to Richard’s Guitars in Stratford on Avon, where he met owner Richard Cholerton – a long time Godin enthusiast.

Simon with Dennis Drumm of JHS and Richard Cholerton of Richard’s Guitars

Then onto Reidy’s Home of Music, Lancashire, where he was also made welcome by Paul Nuttall, owner of the family run Reidy’s Home of Music.

“What a pleasure to have Simon Godin visit our store in Lancashire all the way from Canada!” comments Paul. “It’s a great privilege to be able to put a face to the Godin name and get to talk to the man behind some of the best quality guitars we are seeing in the UK market right now.”

Whilst a CEO of Godin, Simon’s ‘hands-on’ skills also play a major role spearheading the company’s highly successful instrument designs, wood and hardware choices and overall research and development.

Paul continues, “The quality of Godin and Art & Lutherie is second to none and talking to Simon about the production and quality of the wood for these instrument lines, explains why our Reidy’s customers love the range, and why they’ve been one of the top selling brands in recent months. We can’t wait to see how Godin will flourish in the UK, and for many more items to be stocked at Reidy’s.”

Paul Nuttall and team at Reidy’s Home of Music.

“I was delighted to meet up with Dennis Drumm, the Executive Chairman at John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd (JHS), Godin Guitars new UK Distributor. The hospitality was nothing short of amazing, and the enthusiasm for the Godin brand is very high” says Simon Godin.

Simon continues, “The feedback from dealers was extremely positive and they were not only eager to learn about the latest from Godin, but also very happy that Godin Guitars are back in stock. I received a lot of interest and compliments about the new guitars, and the general consensus was that there is nothing that compares for price-point and quality in the UK market.”

JHS Executive Chairman Dennis Drumm comments, “We are delighted and honoured to be the UK and Ireland distributors for such an iconic and reputable brand of high quality stringed instruments, it was of course delightful to have Simon himself visit our JHS headquarters in Leeds and the chance for him to meet store owners in person, to forge even stronger bonds and core values. It’s the skilful Godin approach to design and build which sets super high standards, providing satisfaction time after time.”


Based in Montreal, Quebec and with hundreds of models within their vast catalogue, Godin are Canada’s biggest guitar manufacturer.

Since producing such an enormous range of quality instruments, from the beginning in 1972, Godin has continued to evolve with an immense passion, blending age old traditions with modern designs and build techniques, whilst catering for musician’s needs at different price points to help players blaze the trail within all music styles, from folk to country, world to blues, jazz to rock, heavy-metal and more.

With forests and natural resources literally in their back garden offering a steady supply of the finest handpicked tonewoods, Godin has maintained consistency for its supply of supreme quality instruments with necks and bodies crafted and assembled within the company’s 6 factories located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and Berlin, New Hampshire.

The full range of Godin instruments are distributed exclusively in the UK and the ROI by JHS.

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