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Introducing: MOOER Prime Stomp S1

MOOER is well known for producing highly versatile multi-effect pedals, but their latest product announcement – the Prime Stomp S1 – is not just a multi-effect pedal. It is an all-in-one pedalboard for guitar effects, tones, looping, and music production, complete with a unique, portability-focused design.


There are an impressive 126 internal guitar effects and tone presets, which are editable, sharable, and downloadable through the MOOER Cloud platform, fostering unlimited tonal flexibility. These capabilities shine particularly bright when combined with the pedal’s recording features.

This includes a looper module, which facilitates up to 80 seconds of looping, whilst also providing functionality for real-time playback, loop deletion, and overdubbing. Loops and arrangements can also be recorded directly onto a mobile phone or tablet through a USB/OTG cable.


When combined with the pedal’s 40 synchronizable drum machines, 10 metronomes, and tuner, these looping and recording capabilities empower guitarists to craft complete musical arrangements within a single unified pedalboard without the need for studio equipment. All features can be controlled by four simple footswitches, making for a powerfully minimalist user experience. The Prime Stomp S1 can even be combined with Mooer’s wireless 4-button footswitch for even greater control and creativity.

Whilst MOOER offer several pedalboards that have similar functionality, the Prime Stomp S1 stands out due to its focus on portability. Instead of being powered by a mains power supply, it is powered solely by an integrated lithium battery. This battery is charged by a USB C port, enabling users to charge the pedal with a portable power bank, laptop, or regular USB C charger. The device also weighs just 350g, making it effortless to carry in a gig bag or backpack.


Whilst the Prime Stomp S1 primarily caters to traveling musicians, it still includes industry-standard pedal features, such as a 1/4″ input, stereo 1/4″ outputs, and an independent headphone output. All of these features are presented in a sleek case and are visualized by MOOER’s signature digital LED display, making for an unbeatable unified toolkit for traveling guitarists.


  • 128 guitar effect and tone presets
  • 80-second looping module
  • 40 synchroniable drum machines
  • 10 metronomes
  • Internal digital tuner
  • 4 multi-function footswitches
  • LED digital display
  • LED charge indicator
  • Portable USB/OTG recording
  • Compatibility with the MOOER Cloud preset sharing platform
  • USB C-powered Lithium battery
  • Up to 4.5 hours duration
  • Light-weight and portable design
  • Stereo ¼” outputs
  • Mono ¼” input
  • Independent headphone output
  • Master gain dial

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