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Los Cabos Drumsticks Announces Four New International Distribution Partnerships

Los Cabos Drumsticks are very excited to announce exclusive distribution partnerships with DogPatch Music (Bangladesh), Stesa Music (Costa Rica), Sorna Shop Co. (Iran), and Fretfuse (Lebanon). These partnerships will significantly support the continued growth for the drumstick brand in 2024.

“We have been making a big push on export markets and steadily increasing our market share over the past three years. With these new distribution channels, we will continue to grow the brand on a global scale, as well as, a larger community of international artists.” says Ryan Barrie, Director of Marketing at Los Cabos Drumsticks.

“We are very excited to bring our brand to Bangladesh musicians. Their drumsticks are made of high grade quality red/natural hickory and maple. Los Cabos Drumsticks are the new rising star amongst the percussion community, they combine a great balance with exceptional durability. The team is placing its trust in working with Dogpatch Music to maintain and uphold a great name and a great brand. We are extremely happy to now offer Los Cabos products to our local drummers. Dogpatch Music is looking forward to growing its community of adopters and the brand in Bangladesh”, says Angelique & Mohammad Khan, (CFO/COO) and product team sourcing for Dogpatch Music (Bangladesh).

“Los Cabos Drumsticks are the perfect choice for any drummer. They are a great option for any drummer looking for a high quality product that offers exceptional sound and feel. Find them at Stesa Music!”, says Luis Steller of Stesa Music (Costa Rica).

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Thanks to the maturing partnerships with US distributor KMC Music, and UK + EU distributor Sound-Service European Distribution; Los Cabos Drumsticks are proud to announce their products are now available online through these notable retailers:

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