Barnes and Mullins

Barnes and Mullins

Wiley Arnett Electric Guitar String Set Now Available From Richter

This strings set is the original setup as used by Wiley Arnett live on stage and in studio with Sacred Reich.


These strings will accompany you for a long time with non-decreasing sound properties! Thanks to a special ion coating, these high-quality RICHTER strings have a significantly long lifespan. The combination of a high-carbon hexagonal steel core with a nickel-plated winding and the special surface treatment gives you the feel of an uncoated string, but with all the benefits of a coating.

  • String set: 009-011-016-024w-032w-042w (w = wound)
  • Ion coating for perfect sound and longevity
  • Core made of hexagonal steel with a high carbon content
  • Nickel-plated wire winding
  • Packing: The outer packaging consists of recycled APET layered material (recyclable). Made in Germany.

More information on the Wiley Arnett strings: HERE



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