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Hufschmid: Introducing My Latest Guitar Creation – A Blend of Unique Materials and Design

In the realm of custom guitar craftsmanship, Hufschmid stands alone with a stunning creation that marries innovation with tradition.

This guitar’s story began with a rare discovery: a quarter-sawn piece of Wenge wood, hidden for twenty years, now transformed into a one-of-a-kind guitar neck.

The guitar’s body, a work of art in itself, is carved from a single piece of Sipo Mahogany, topped with beautifully figured quilt maple. The walnut stain finish, rich in pigment, accentuates the wood’s natural patterns, turning each angle of the guitar into a visual spectacle.

The Crelicam Ebony fingerboard, with its striking natural white stripe, echoes the classic “Tree of Life” design. Complementing this, Patrick Hufschmid introduced the first-ever GREEN luminescent block inlays, making the guitar a masterpiece of visual and functional design.


Revisiting the original TORLON® 4203 nut design, Hufschmid added a scalloped touch for an impressive visual effect. The choice of 7-string Lace Humbuckers, chosen for perfect string alignment, showcases Patrick’s meticulous attention to detail.

Key features of this guitar include:

  • Sipo Mahogany body with a spectacular one piece Quilt Maple top.
  • A one piece quarter-sawn Wenge neck.
  • 24 frets, 25.5” scale and 12” radius Crelicam Ebony fingerboard.
  • Scalloped TORLON 4203 nut and high-quality Hipshot hardware.
  • Hufschmid design solid brass humbucker mounting rings.
  • Groundbreaking GREEN luminescent inlays.
  • Custom laser-etched 7-string Alumitone Deathbuckers.

This guitar, from its initial selection of wood to the final hand-applied varnish, was a journey of passion and precision for Patrick, reflecting the unparalleled skill and dedication in every project.

To discover more of Patrick Hufschmid’s exceptional work and follow the journey in guitar making, visit


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