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Lee Oskar ‘Mick Jagger’ 1st Edition Signature ‘C’ Harmonica Lands in the UK

Mick Jagger and Lee Oskar Harmonicas Collaborate to Launch Mick Jagger Signature Harmonica.

Barnes & Mullins are pleased to introduce the new 1st Edition Mick Jagger Signature Custom Harmonica, made by Lee Oskar Harmonicas, in the popular ‘Diatonic C’ model.

Mick Jagger, the iconic frontman of the Rolling Stones known for his electrifying stage presence and distinctive harmonica playing, has teamed up with Lee Oskar Harmonicas to create a unique line of harmonicas that captures Jagger’s unparalleled style and sound.

The 1st Edition Mick Jagger Signature model offers a meticulously designed harmonica that faithfully replicates the exact specifications used by Mick Jagger throughout his illustrious career. The harmonica is handcrafted with thorough attention to detail, guaranteeing an authentic playing experience and the unmistakable Jagger sound that fans have grown to love. The harmonica also showcases a custom-designed cover plate adorned with Mick Jagger’s signature, adding a touch of rock and roll flair to the instrument.

Lee Oskar, a renowned harmonica player and founder of Lee Oskar Harmonicas, worked closely with Mick Jagger to perfect the design and tonal characteristics of the signature harmonica. “Collaborating with Mick Jagger on this project has been an incredible experience,” said Oskar. “His passion for music and harmonica playing is unparalleled, and together, we have created a harmonica line that embodies Mick’s unique style.

With a recommended retail price of £69.00, the Lee Oskar ‘Mick Jagger’ 1st Edition C Harmonica is exclusively available in the UK from Barnes & Mullins alongside the complete range of Lee Oskar Harmonicas –

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