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Latin Percussion Launches Seven New Cajons & Deluxe Cajon Cushion

Latin Percussion (LP) grows its expanding range of cajons with seven new options: The LP® Roundback Sub-Bass Cajon with a Birch or Mahogany Soundboard, the LP® Woodshop Cajon with a Black Stripe, Red Blur or Rare Ebony Artply Soundboards and two new LP® City Cajons with options of a 2-Voice Oak or Walnut Craftwood Soundboard. Also new is the LP® Deluxe Cajon Cushion.

The LP® Roundback Sub-Bass Cajons have a plywood body measuring 19” x 14 ¼ ” x 14”. They have a chambered construction with a front-facing port for enhanced projection and a rounded body for extra bass tone. Both options feature two sets of premium snare wires and soundboards with rounded corners for added comfort when playing. The Birch soundboard (LP1461) has brighter attack which blends perfectly with the deeper bass tones, and the Mahogany soundboard (LP1461M) offers deeper and richer bass sound.

All three models of the LP® Woodshop Cajon are made in small batches in LP’s European work shop. Measuring 19” x 11 ½” x 11 ¾”, these cajons feature two adjustable sets of strings for customised tone. The Birch body on all three models delivers an extensive dynamic sound range, and the Black Stripe(LP1491BS), Red Blur (LP1491RB) and Rare Ebony (LP1491RE) Artply soundboards offer eye-catching looks and crisp definition.

Both LP® City Cajons have bodies crafted from eco-friendly MDF and measure 19” x 11” x 10”. The 2-Voice option has a snare side and a Peruvian-style side that offers enhanced sonic possibilities with Oak soundboards for volume and heft. The Walnut Craftwood soundboard (LP1428NYSW) offers a warmer, softer sound. Both cajons are price conscious and aesthetically pleasing.  They are fun and easy to play, and provide clear distinction between snare and bass tones.

For those long cajon sessions LP has created the LP® Deluxe Cajon Cushion (LP1451). Made from an extra-thick, propriety blend of neoprene with a Comfort Cut front section, this deluxe cajon cushion gives players enhanced comfort. Fitting most standard size cajons, it offers players long-lasting support and freedom of movement.

To find out more about all the new Cajons and cushion, plus all the other Latin Percussion products, please go to #wearerhythm

See LP at The UK Drum Show 2023.


Founded in 1964, Latin Percussion (LP) is the largest hand percussion instrument brand in the world. The company offers an extensive line of hand percussion instruments and percussion accessories including patented designs such as the Jam Block®, Ridge Rider Cowbell® and Egg Shaker. Many of the world’s top artists play LP including: Giovanni Hidalgo, Richie Gajate-Garcia, Karl Perazzo, Stewart Copeland, Steve Gadd, Travis Barker, Mike Portnoy and Cindy Blackman-Santana among others. For more information, visit

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