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Rickenbacker Update 330, 360 and 4000 Series

Rickenbacker have announced updates on their 330, 360 and 4000 series, with the following changes to selected models. Available in the UK from Rosetti.

330 & 360 series

The Rickenbacker 330, 330/12, 360 & 360/12 models have recently changed from a 24 fret neck to a lacquered 21 fret neck. These new necks will also have a less “chunky” and more “vintage” profile, though the neck widths will remain the same. Walnut (W) models will feature unlacquered 21 fret neck. Models from other series remain unchanged.

The Rickenbacker 330, 330/12, 360 & 360/12 models now also feature a single, dual-action truss rod, instead of a dual, single action truss rod as used previously. These changes make for greater instrument adjustability. Models from other series with single, dual action truss rods will follow in the future, with the 330 & 360 series being the first models to be changed.

4003 Series

Rickenbacker’s 4003 and 4003S bass models now feature a slimmer neck profile along with a flatter back of the neck, similar to the necks found on vintage 4001 instruments. Making these new bass necks feel less “chunky” and more like a vintage RIC bass. The width of the necks will remain the same.

All new models produced from now on will include these changes.

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