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Toca Turns Thirty With New Releases

Toca Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Limited Edition Congas, Bongos and Cowbells…

Toca Percussion, one of the world’s top hand percussion companies, is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary with the introduction of the Limited Edition Margarita Congas, Bongos and Cowbells. These instruments feature luminescent shells that are richly adorned with one-of-a-kind anodized hardware, topped with white Remo® Nuskyn® heads and finished off with the 30th anniversary logo on the heads and nameplates. The drums have 28″ tall, seamless fiberglass shells. The bigger belly shape produces deeper bass tones and crisp highs.

The bodies of the 30th Anniversary Cowbells mimic the luminescent shells of the drums and come in both bongo and timbale bell versions. The classic 30th Anniversary logo is adorned on the face of each bell, making all these products predestined to become collectors’ items.

Toca Percussion was founded in 1993 by KMC Music during the heyday of the Latin and Afro-Cuban influence on popular music and rock n’ roll. Toca Percussion was designed to provide the “Afro-Cuban” sound and to offer a different look for hand percussion instruments. Over the past three decades, Toca Percussion has become one of the top hand percussion companies in the world with a line of well over 500 products.

“We are excited to celebrate our 30th anniversary with the introduction of these limited edition drums and bells,” said Brad Kirkpatrick, President of RBI. “These instruments are a testament to our commitment to offering a distinctive choice in style, design, and sound. We believe these stunningly beautiful 30th Anniversary drums and bells will become collectors’ items and we encourage everyone to grab theirs quickly.”

The Commuter Conga is a portable drum that is perfect for musicians on the go. The Commuter Conga is available in 10” and 11” head sizes and comes standard with Remo Fiberskyn heads.

Musicians can purchase drums separately or choose from one with a single stand or both sizes with a double stand. The lugs are accessible at the top, making it simple and quick to adjust the sound and tuning.

The 10” drum comes with a 3” diameter port on the bottom, allowing the highs to ring loud and true while letting the slaps come through. On the other hand, the 11” drum comes with a 6” diameter port on the bottom, allowing for astonishing mid-tones and just the right amount of bass.

Both single and double stands are made from heavy-duty steel and feature an adjustable arm that holds either size of the Commuter Conga in tight. Musicians can even add a third Commuter Conga to get a true Quinto, Conga Tumba set up.

“We are excited to introduce the Commuter Conga to our line of percussion instruments,” said Jim Rockwell, Toca Marketing and Product Manager. “It’s a new twist on an idea that has been around for for quite some time. We are offering a much broader sound pallete in a very small package at an affordable price. It could just be the the ultimate portable conga. It’s perfect for musicians who are contstantly running from gig to gig, or are playing gigs where space and weight are at a premium. And It’s a great add-on for drum set players too!”

With the Toca Jingle Snap, drummers can keep access to that jingle sound close to their sticks and hit it whenever they want. This stickable jingle provides a precise accent only when needed, because it’s mounted directly onto the snare instead of to a constantly moving hi-hat. This small accessory packs a big sound or quiet jingle, and leaves the drummer in control.

Designed to fit onto any acoustic drum, the Toca Jingle Snap™ features four nickel-plated steel jingles that add texture. Its black powder-coated metal frame ensures durability and long-lasting use.

“The Toca Jingle Snap is the perfect addition to any drummer’s kit,” said Jim Rockwell, Toca Marketing and Product Manager. “We understand the importance of control and precision when it comes to drumming, and this accessory provides just that.”

Toca Percussion is thrilled to announce the release of two new drum set timbales, equipped with snares. These innovative new instruments provide drummers with an expanded range of sound options, and are perfect for drummers looking to add new elements to their music.

The first of these two new timbales is the 12” x 4” version, which features a stunning stainless steel finish. The smaller head size of this timbale makes it easy to place in tighter spaces, while the steel shells provide maximum sustain, brightness, and clarity. What’s more, this timbale comes equipped with a snare, enabling drummers to easily transition from a unique timbale sound to a snappy snare sound.

The second of Toca’s new drum set timbales is the 12” x 7” model, which boasts all the same features as its smaller counterpart, but with a deeper ring and a stunning hand-hammered stainless-steel finish that is sure to dazzle audiences. Both these drum set timbales come with a heavy-duty mount that accommodates a variety of rods and tom holders, making them easy to place on any drum set.

“These Drum Set Timbales fill a sweet spot for drummers looking for a timbale sound, and a little bit more,” said Jim Rockwell, Marketing & Product Manager for Toca Percussion. “The size is just right, they are easy to place on a mount or stand, they sound amazing, and you have the added benefit of a snare throw off. We are really excited to augment the sound palette of drummers everywhere, and can’t wait to see how they use these timbales on their kits.”

Toca Percussion has a reputation for providing top-quality percussion instruments, and these two new drum set timbales with snares are no exception. With these new instruments, drummers can easily add new elements to their music, enhancing their overall sound palette and taking their performances to the next level.

Toca Percussion has launched the Toca Grabber™ Percussion Mount. The percussion mount is designed to easily add percussion or small cymbals to drum sets, congas, or timbales. The Grabber can be securely mounted on any common drum rim to add percussion accessories, or microphones exactly where they’re needed. The mount is also ideal for drum kit set-ups, percussion rigs, and even marching drums. The Grabber comes equipped with a standard percussion rod that is angle adjustable to fit your exact needs.

One of the key features of the Toca Grabber is its ability to fit nearly every standard drum rim, making it a versatile addition to any drummer or percussionist’s toolkit. This percussion mount securely holds accessories or microphones, and is height adjustable to ensure perfect placement of the equipment. The Grabber’s angle adjustability allows the user to position their accessories at any angle they require.

“With the introduction of this mount Toca is making a commitment to its drummers and percussionist to make customizing their percussion rigs a breeze,” said Jim Rockwell, Marketing & Product Manager for Toca Percussion. “It’s simple and quick to use, it’s height adjustable, angle adjustable, and will hold just about any drum accessory that fits a standard percussion rod.”

The Toca Grabber Percussion Mount is an exciting new product that promises to make customization of drum sets and percussion rigs much easier and more efficient. With its versatility and ease of use, the Toca Grabber is sure to become an essential accessory for drummers and percussionists around the world.

Toca Percussion is excited to introduce the Toca Multi-Use Bongo Stand, a versatile and durable stand that combines the functionality of seated bongo stands and bongo arms into one product.

The Toca Multi-Use Bongo Stand allows musicians to play the bongos while seated on a throne or attach them to a double conga stand. With its C-Clamp bongo mount and adjustable height and angle, this stand is fully customizable to meet any playing style.

Designed to fit any double conga stand, this sturdy and durable stand is built to last. It adds extra bongos to your set, without taking up floor space, making it an ideal add-on for any drummer or percussionist.

“We are excited to introduce the Toca Multi-Use Bongo Stand to our customers,” said a spokesperson for Toca Percussion. “Our team has worked hard to create a versatile and durable product that can be used by drummers and percussionists of all skill levels. With its fully adjustable design, the Toca Multi-Use Bongo Stand is sure to become an essential part of any percussionist’s set up.”

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