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Elevated “Xpression” From Hohner’s Latest Chromonica

Hohner’s new “XPRESSION” chromatic harmonica, which will be available for purchase on April 3rd, 2023, offers the latest technical features and impressive musical capabilities, lending to an expressive and comfortable performance for beginners and advanced players alike.

Made in Germany, the “XPRESSION” was designed to exhibit excellent playing capabilities while maintaining comfortable handling. The instrument includes a CNC milled stainless steel mouthpiece with excellent gliding properties and integrated precision slide to provide maximum comfort for the performer, ergonomically shaped stainless steel covers for comfortable handling, a sound-optimized ABS comb for durability in a wide variety of climatic conditions, reedplates manufactured to prioritize maximum air tightness and precision-machined brass reeds capable of supporting heavy use. These new design features effectively round out the HOHNER Chromonica range.

“The stainless steel mouthpiece meets the high standards of professionals for playability and performance” said Hohner Harmonica Brand Manager Jimmy Zednik. “The Xpression is priced to appeal to players starting out, while the design, materials, construction, and durability make it an instrument that will last as players progress to higher playing levels.”

About Hohner

With over 160 years of technical expertise, a sympathetic ear for their customers, and countless collaborations with musicians and teachers, Hohner has continuously improved their craft – and will continue to do so. As a world market leader for harmonicas and accordions, Hohner remains inspired by their commitment to their craft, traditions and passion for music. Their mission is to pass this passion to their customers, with perfectly crafted instruments enabling them to enjoy music.

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