Barnes and Mullins

Barnes and Mullins

Free Music Sessions with Exciting New Artists and Music Ambassadors

Learn to Play Guitars and Pianos Discovery Day Saturday 18 February from 10.30 – 4.30

Yamaha Music London, Yamaha’s flagship music store is holding free, 30 minute music sessions for fledgling and intermediate guitarists and piano players at the iconic Wardour Street store on Saturday 18 February from 10.30-4.30. A team of professional music teachers will provide a choice of lessons on acoustic and electric guitars with the giant Yamaha guitar wall as a spectacular backdrop.

Piano lessons will be held on a range of upright acoustic pianos on the ground floor and in the unique Piano Hall where some of the world’s most inspiring concert grands are on display, ready to inspire you!

Beth Keeping

The Discovery Day will be extra-special because our two new Music Ambassadors, Beth Keeping and Bertie will be performing live and sharing their passion for music by hosting their own music sessions.

Power Up your Guitar Playing – Easy Guitar Tunings – for beginners and intermediates –
11 am and 2pm

Were you lucky enough to get a new acoustic guitar for Christmas or do you need motivating to practice?

Bertie, Indie Pop Artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and one of the amazing Yamaha Music London Ambassadors, will be teaching an introductory session on the Drop D tuning for your guitar.

Bertie will take you through a few fun and easy steps to familiarise you with the new tuning and then teach you a catchy finger picking pattern that you can use to show off your new skills and knowledge!

To get the most out of this session, attendees will need to know the basics of guitar playing.

Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Love songwriting? Want to be a Pop Songwriter?
Creating a Catchy Chorus on Piano – 12pm and 3pm

How does a song get stuck in our head? From country music to hip hop, most of the catchy tunes you hear today began with an instrument and a few chords. If you can play basic piano and want to express yourself through song writing, this unmissable 30-minute session will teach you some simple chords to create an effective chorus.

Beth Keeping, talented solo singer, songwriter, and Yamaha Music London Ambassador, is often described as the UK’s answer to Taylor Swift! Beth draws influences from traditional country storytelling and colourful pop melodies to create a fresh sound that she calls “pop stories.” Her carefully crafted and dynamic pop stories about love, loss and nostalgia are epitomised by her latest EP I still think about that moment.

Beth will demonstrate 2-3 different popular chord progressions and where they have been used in popular music. Hopefully anyone attending this session will be able to go away with the tools to write a chorus for a song.

Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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