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Newcomers And Returning Brands Head To The UK Drum Show 2023

With approx 8 months to go till The UK Drum Show returns to the ACC Liverpool (30th September & 1st October 2023), brands continue to sign up for what is being hailed as Europe’s biggest consumer drum exhibition.

MIN catches up briefly with the organiser Neil Golding to see how the show is panning out, as the show returns to its typical autumn dates not experienced since 2019.

“I am very pleased to see the enthusiasm and some sense of returning to normal for The UK Drum Show. Of course, it is not without its challenges, as the drumming community is still battling with issues of stock in some cases and the aftermath of COVID, along with global economic challenges. It was never going to be a case of just picking up where we left off, but the sense of community and a can do attitude makes all the difference and the drum community have this in abundance.” Neil Golding -Organiser.

MIN – The show seems to have announced numerous brands exhibiting over the past months, UK as well as more international brands that don’t appear to have exhibited before?

UKDS – It’s fair to say that we have most of last years exhibitors confirmed for 2023, with a few exceptions, however, a large proportion of companies joining us for the first time are overseas, either investing in the show directly themselves travelling from Sweden, Canada, USA, Italy and other territories, or supporting new partnerships from networking at last years show. We did welcome 26 new companies last year alone.

MIN – What is the focus as organiser for 2023 to keep the show moving forward?

UKDS – In truth, there is a great to deal to think about each year and there are already ideas and concepts being considered for 2024. For this year, with a much larger venue and so much content going on over the weekend we have to improve our communication with guests, so that they are fully aware of not only all the exhibits, but the main stage artists, clinics, education and “how to sessions” we have planned over the weekend. Plus, we have had some companies book their own experience rooms in addition to booths to create more content and experiences for our mutual guests.

MIN – What do you think is the main draw for The UK Drum Show, Gear or artists?

UKDS – It has to be a collection of things. It’s no surprise that drummers love the gear on display, and in some cases, companies will bring entire ranges or lines that may not be displayed in full in a retail environment, so it is useful to see a vast range of products for drummers to try out. Keeping it fresh is also important, so as well as many returning brands with new innovations to share, we are thrilled that new companies every year reach out with a view of joining us for 2023 or even 2024. It just insures a diversity of products and for UK businesses, whilst this is a consumer show, the opportunity to forge new relationships with some of our international partners.

MIN – Is there any other benefits or considerations for exhibitors or those looking to join you this year or next.

UKDS – The obvious benefit is getting direct feed back and interaction between drummers and the brands that create products for them. I have been told by many in the trade, that putting aside all the artist appearances, be it performance, clinic or education, The UK Drum Show is the largest consumer gathering of drum gear in one place over a weekend and we want to offer drummers the widest choice to try out. From an exhibitors point of view we are now welcoming promo videos and product videos for us to directly upload to The UK Drum Show website and socials throughout the lead up to the show, to share whatever we can to promote and support their investment. It’s and added bonus for 2023 and it benefits everyone.

MIN – Is there much more to announce for 2023?

UKDS – We have our final main stage artist to announce this week, bringing the total to 12. We hope to share with our guests with an evening celebration, that will take place on the Saturday night, and we have more artists to announce for the Mike Dolbear room and for the Mike Johnston room, who is also returning for 2023.

MIN – Has no Musikmesse or the absence of certain drum brands from NAMM in April assisted The UK Drum Show?

UKDS – From some conversations that have taken place, the lack of a large drum presence in Europe like that of Messe has been a talking point to some degree, but the bigger point in that regard was really that Messe had drifted away from a trade focus to a more consumer show, or a Hybrid. From some comments received, and our experience the past few years of Messe pre COVID, it wasn’t attracting a wide selection of drum and percussion businesses, that may all change in the future.

NAMM is still considered the greatest gathering of music brands in the business and next year will be the first time in 4 years that it finally returns to its typical January dates. The industry as a whole has been through the mill, some companies have gone, some individuals and friends in the business have left after many years of service in the music industry. Time is the greatest healer but dynamics of consumer vs trade, along with brands wanting to engage directly with consumers either physically or digitally we only see this increasing by all the various channels available to businesses.

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The UK Drum Show takes place on the 30th September 2023 and 1st of October 2023 at the ACC Liverpool. More booths have now been added to the lobby area and to the second floor that approaches the live and experience rooms to cater for new and returning businesses. To exhibit contact for further details.

Some of the new exhibitors confirmed for 2023

EBENOR PERCUSSION, is a daring and passionate drum company, manufacturing beautiful and very unique drums in Saint-Sebastian-de-Frontenac, Quebec, Canada.
Growing up, company Artisan and founder William Leclerc, had a dream of one day owning his own company manufacturing drums, and in September of 2014, he officially launched Ebenor Percussion, making his dreams come true!  READ MORE.
Acoustic drums and cymbals can be too loud in settings including low-volume bands and volume-sensitive venues, music classes, drum lessons, praise bands in churches, practicing at home, even warming up on stage. So, Adoro have introduced Silent Sticks, an inexpensive means with which to cut acoustic drum and cymbal volume +/-50%, even when playing at normal velocity.

Says Adoro CEO Stefan Korth: “Something is wrong when a drummer must play behind a plexiglass shield or hold back and play more lightly because others think the drums are too loud. READ MORE.

Founded in 2015 by three industrious musicians, Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping every drummer Live In Tune®.

After years of fighting traditional drum tuning tension rods, Samuel Welch, artisan blacksmith and working drummer, knew there had to be a better solution. READ MORE.

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