Barnes and Mullins

Barnes and Mullins

Next “How To” Feature for The UK Drum Show 2023 Announced!

UK DrumShow Tuning Presentation in asssociation with Remo Inc.
It has to be a unique live experience nowadays to offer something above and beyond tuning information on-line, but at The UK Drum Show 2023 Jeff Davenport performs real-time ‘in-the-round’ tuning demonstrations that inspire drummers to head out and create their own signature sound.

In conjunction with Remo Inc. and some very special guest show artists, Jeff will show you how to tune drums quickly and easily, utilising the range of artist-led professional drumheads.
“There are literally thousands of tuning videos online, but none of them give you the experience of hearing and seeing the tuning process in-person. Our bodies, and especially our head, act as an acoustic receiver to the drum being played in the room…and we record this information naturally from space to space. This is how you learn to tune properly…within the space…next to the drum…in real-time.”
“On top of this, we have 30 muscles in each hand and 20 in each forearm and a brain which records everything they do…so why is it still necessary to use tuning devices? Discover this and more in the session!” Remo artist Guests TBC.
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