JHS Add Innovative BG Products To Vast Brass & Woodwind Accessories

JHS Add Innovative BG Products To Vast Brass & Woodwind Accessories

Whilst all BG brass instruments neck straps offer extreme player comfort, the new ZEN Series have been designed specifically for saxophone players who suffer from neck strain. With a wide connecting bar eliminating pressure on the neck and spine, the instrument feels lighter, therefore assisting the player to maintain a healthier posture and improved breathing techniques.

Available in black, white or red, with a soft, high quality leather neck and cotton padding to absorb perspiration, the Zen Series secures soprano, alto and tenor saxophones with a choice of metal hooks, snap hooks or metal coated snap hooks.


Comfort of course is paramount, especially for students and professional musicians standing for long periods rehearsing at home, session work or in a live environment. The new BG Yoke Straps, available in red or white, also help eliminate neck and chest stress and assist steady breathing.

Featuring an extra wide, high quality, soft leather neck and cotton padding to absorb perspiration, the weight of the instrument is now evenly and equally dispersed over the shoulders. With an anti-slip metal adjuster and coated metal snap hook, the instrument is effortlessly secured to fit in seconds.

Decorated with Swarovski crystals on a choice of red, white or black straps, the new BG Glam Series look striking under stage lights, whilst adding comfort with cotton perspiration absorbent neck padding, anti-slip adjuster and coated metal snap hook.


The BG Alternative is indeed an optional concept within mouthpiece designs for Bb Clarinets. Constructed from non-toxic bio-compatible material, this versatile mouthpiece is offering exceptional versatility, delivering a supreme warm, acoustic response in all registers for all kinds of music. The BG Alternative, available in black or red, features a synthetic ring for longevity, which in turn can be exchanged for traditional cork.


Available in a handy travel size for easy application, BG Cork Grease is the ideal premium quality lubricant for woodwind and reed instruments to help corks last longer and stay airtight. Its high quality properties also act as a preservative, to keeps corks moist and airtight longer. Available in 18pc and 108pc bulk packs.


Constructed from soft, non-scratch, chemical-free microfibre, the new BG Inside Case Cover not only offers extra case protection for Alto and Tenor Saxophones. Microfibre has properties that absorb unwanted corrosive surface moisture, it’s the perfect accessory for added instrument protection. Available in four sizes and is washable and effective for over 5 years.


With instrument hygiene now more than ever, a major concern, the BG Universal Floor Mats with absorbent microfibre material, protect floor surfaces from the inevitable excess water droplets, from brass and wood wind instruments. These useful accessories with absorbent, washable microfibre materials, effortlessly fold within a durable compact wallet and are ideal for home, schools, ensembles and orchestras.


BG continue their attention to detail with health and safety in mind, having the new washable, anti-spray Bell Mask constructed from fine, elastic nylon mesh and specifically designed for Clarinet, Trumpet and Cornet. These handy bell masks also prevent unwanted objects like confetti or streamers entering the bell.


Brass players can also be assured excess water from their instruments water valve is captured safely and hygienically with the new washable, microfibre BG Absorber.

It goes without saying that mandatory cleaning of all instruments including brass and woodwind is paramount in the battle against all types of germs.


To keep instruments in their finest working order, BG offer a comprehensive range of high quality brass and woodwind instrument swaps, including the newly launched absorbent microfibre Draw Swaps for Trombone and Baritone Saxophone. Washable and effective for over 5 years.

BG products are exclusively distributed in the UK & ROI by JHS