Tascam Announces Addition Of Adjustable Output Delay To Model 12 Live Recording Mixer

Tascam Announces Addition Of Adjustable Output Delay To Model 12 Live Recording Mixer

Tascam has announced the addition of an adjustable output delay to their compact Model 12 live recording mixer. This new feature allows to compensate for the annoying time offset between video image and sound signal, which often occurs during live streaming to the Internet. The user selects a suitable time at the mixing console, by which the audio signal is delayed before reaching the computer via USB, so that image and sound arrive at the audience synchronously.

The new function, which is brought into the device via a firmware update, offers a setting range from one to 2000 milliseconds – wide enough for all network types and camera systems. In addition to the USB output signal, the delay can be set to also affect the hardware main outputs and thus the monitoring signal or a connected video encoder such as the Tascam VS-R265.

About Model 12

Model 12 is a compact all-in-one integrated mixing and recording suite designed for music and multimedia creators, songwriters and performers. It consists of a 10-input mixer, a 12-track version of the highly acclaimed Tascam multi-track audio recorder, USB audio interface, MIDI connectivity, DAW control functions, and podcasting capability including mix-minus and smartphone input.

Further information: Model 12 product page

Download Firmware: Model 12 Downloads


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