Dream Cymbals Eclipse Range Review


Here’s our review of a selection of Eclipse Series cymbals from Dream Cymbals from our sister site Drummer’s Review

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  • 15″ Hi-Hats,
  • 17″ Crash,
  • 19″ Crash,
  • 21″ Ride,
  • 23″ Ride,
  • All hand-hammered from B20 Bronze Alloy,
  • Each model dual-layered – raw un-polished/lathed bell coupled with highly polished & lathed outer edge.

Dream Cymbals say…“This newest addition to the family, the Eclipse Series provides a dry articulate center zone with an outer area that has darker undertone and a broad solid wash.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!!

RRP: Dream Cymbals Eclipse Series…

15″ Hats – £349.00

17″ Crash – £169.00

19″ Crash – £229.00

21″ Ride – £289.00

23″ Ride – £289.00