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Gruv Gear Introduces The John Patitucci Signature Strap

Gruv Gear is delighted to introduce the new John Patitucci Strap. Its subtle design, developed in conjunction with the legendary bassist and prominent music industry health expert, Dr. Randall Kertz, offers guitar and bass players comfort, quality and class.

The new John Patitucci Signature Strap is a proven combination of superior, supple leather with a comfortable, double-layered neoprene underside. The strap molds to the wearer offering unmatched comfort for the longest sessions or live performances. The handsome 3” wide strap incorporates Gruv Gear’s proprietary length adjustment system and is proudly finished with the Patitucci name.

For more than thirty years, bass player John Patitucci has been at the forefront of the jazz world, receiving three Grammys and numerous nominations. In 2019 he was honored at the London Bass Guitar Show with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Bass Player Magazine. Performing with many amazing artists, including, Chick Corea, Bono, Alicia Keys and Dizzy Gillespie, John has inspired generations of bassists with his versatility and unwavering fondness for genuine grooves that help drive a band.

Dr. Randall Kertz is a chiropractic physician and bassist. He is a noted health expert, specializing in musculoskeletal problems, who often treats musicians for a range of injuries. The long-term collaboration between Gruv Gear and Dr Kertz has resulted in new and innovative ergonomic products like the John Patitucci Signature Strap which offer maximum longevity and playing comfort.

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