Barnes & Mullins adds Légère reeds

Barnes & Mullins adds Légère reeds

Barnes & Mullins has secured the UK and Ireland distribution of Canadian reed brand, Legérè Reeds Ltd.

The Légère company was founded in 1998 when Dr Guy Légère – a Scientist and amateur clarinettist – and Dr Mark Kortschot – a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry – came together to invent a reed that played as well as moist cane but lacked its inherent shortcomings.

B&M says: ‘today, Légère Reeds produces state of the art synthetic reeds for many single and double reed instruments with each one produced in an ultra-modern manufacturing and distribution facility in Ontario, Canada’.

‘We are thrilled to have Barnes & Mullins representing our brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland,’ says Pete Jones, Légère’s Director of Business Development. ‘These are fast-growing markets for Légère, and it’s important to us that our dealers, players and fans, have the supply and support they need. Barnes & Mullins has an outstanding reputation for customer service, and we couldn’t ask for a better local partner.’

Bruce Perrin, B&M’s joint managing director was similarly pleased about the new agreement, ‘We have long been aware of the great number of professional players who speak very highly of Légère Reeds, so this represents an exciting opportunity for us to further serve the woodwind community. We really can’t wait to get started.’

‘Using specially engineered and ‘oriented’ polypropylene to make both single and double reeds, Légère reeds offer several incredible benefits to players, B&M says.

‘Légère Reeds never need to be soaked, as they instantly respond right out of the box. Likewise, they are unaffected by weather, temperature, or humidity so they are always consistent, working and sounding just as you expect. But perhaps the biggest benefit is longevity: A single Légère reed should last for months, so they are extremely cost effective.’

Légère Reeds will be available from Barnes & Mullins by 1st April 2019.