EarthQuaker debuts Black Ash ‘endangered’ fuzz

EarthQuaker debuts Black Ash 'endangered' fuzz

US pedal specialist EarthQuaker has a new limited edition fuzz out today – the Black Ash.

Audio Distribution Group, which distributes the brand in the UK, says the pedal, which is being manufactured in a strictly limited run of 1,500 for the world market, uses a premium components, including paper-in-oil capacitors and half-watt carbon composition resistors, from EarthQuaker Devices president Jamie Stillman’s personal collection of rare components – hence their use of the word ‘endangered’ to describe the pedal.

In time honoured Tone Bender style, the Black Ash features three controls on the surface: Volume, Fuzz and Top. Volume sets the output level with unity gain around 10 o’clock and Fuzz adjusts the amount of gain – ‘from cooled-off amp-like breakup at lower levels, to scorching fuzz tones when cranked’. While the Top control works on frequencies between 2kHz and 10kHz to adjust how “forward” the guitar sits in the mix, helping pair the Black Ash with different pickup types.

Hand built, EarthQuaker’s Black Ash will sell for a suggested £205.