Orange adds ‘ambassadors’

Orange adds 'ambassadors'

Orange Amplification has expanded its team of ‘ambassadors’ with musicians from top bands including Grateful Dead, Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown and Marcus King Band.

Tyler Bryant, currently supporting Guns N’ Roses on tour, is using a Rockerverb MKIII 100, while band mate Graham Whitford uses a Dual Dark 50 and the band’s bassist, Noah Denney, features an AD200 MK3.

Fellow ambassadors include Marcus King and bassist Stephen Campbell, of the Marcus King Band. King uses a Rockerverb MKIII and PPC412 cabinet while Campbell uses an Orange AD200 MK3 with OBC810 cabinet.

Meanwhile, one of the few musicians genuinely deserving the overworked term  ‘legendary’, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir, is using an Orange Rocker 15. He describes it as ‘a fun, really flexible little amp for low-volume situations like playin’ electric along with acoustic instruments….’.