The UK Drum Show draws the crowds

The UK Drum Show draws the crowds

Manchester’s The UK Drum Show (held last weekend, 23rd and 24th September) was a major success, the organiser says.
Gold Media and Events (which also owns Music Instrument News) says that final attendance figures will be released later this week and that initial impressions were very positive for the show, which sold out of stand space three months prior to opening.
‘Shows are multifaceted,’ says Neil Golding, organiser of the new annual event, ‘and as always, there are various boxes to tick, but this event has delivered on several levels. One thing many exhibitors said right off the bat was that loading was a great relief, as was breakdown on the Sunday, compared with previous show venues! These things really matter to exhibitors and it’s one of the advantages of being in Manchester. We had a great turn-out from the public and several exhibitors remarked that is was a fresh audience, although some familiar faces did travel up from the South. Getting fresh consumer engagement is important and that was good news for everyone.
‘We haven’t had time to contact all our exhibitors yet, and we will be doing that this week, however the initial response has been excellent. Pearl Drums reported selling all the gear from their booth and several companies have already confirmed they will be returning in 2018, even before the show had ended on Sunday.
‘Like any event, it takes time for both trade and visitors to become familiar with a new event but they also want to see development, so when we announce the dates for next year’s show exhibitors and visitors will see how we’ve worked to deliver new ideas. The challenges are to provide fresh and exclusive content to the best of our ability, and Gold Media looks forward to the future.
‘Working with our friend and business colleague Mike Dolbear, we’ll be announcing a lot of new ideas and Gold Media will continue to develop new avenues of engagement for drumming consumers, whether it be live events, or with the forthcoming launch of Drummer’s Choice, our high-quality, free to consumer, video review and reference platform.
‘We would like to extend thanks to all the businesses that supported the launch of The UK Drum Show 2017 and look forward to working with the drumming community to fine-tune this national event for all concerned to maximise ROI.’
A full report on the inaugural show will appear later this week in MIN.