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Wizard Spinbal now in UK

The Music Shipping Company has launched the Spinbal, said to ‘add a new dimension to cymbals’. An ultra smooth bearing system in a precision engineered housing, Spinbal fits on most standard (8mm) thread cymbal stands allowing cymbals to spin for up to 10 minutes or more.

MSC says this gives cymbals ‘… a unique, mesmerising appearance which is enhanced by stage lighting randomly bouncing off a polished, hammered cymbal surface. However this is merely the ‘dramatic’ effect, there are also excellent acoustic benefits’.
MSC goes on to explain that Spinbal helps eliminate cymbal ‘modulation’. When a cymbal is struck the whole surface distorts. ‘This distortion is massively reduced by the centrifugal effect of its rotation when using a Spinbal. Very valuable in both recording and live situations, it will reduce unwanted tone ‘modulation’ in the cymbals sound. This can be especially noticeable during the cymbals ‘decay’ after it is struck.
‘A further benefit is even if the cymbal is not actively being spun, Spinbal randomises the striking locations on cymbal surfaces dues to its sensitive bearings. This will help to reduce key-holing and even cymbal cracks.
‘Drummers are creating new cymbal soundscapes and effects using Spinbal with beaters, wire brushes and even chains to create ‘white noise’ style effects
Designed in the USA, available exclusively in the UK from The Music Shipping Company and will be launched officially in the UK at the UK Drumshow in Manchester.

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