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Sabian adds new models to XSR range

Although it’s only been about a year since Sabian launched its XSR, three new models have already been added to the line – 17” & 19” XSR Fast Crashes and a 22” XSR Ride are professional level B20 cast cymbals said by the maker to incorporate many of the same processes that have made HHX Evolution and AAX X-Plosion cymbals a success.
The new 17” & 19” Fast Crashes are hammered, and feature enhanced profiles. In addition, bells are shaped and designed to accelerate the overall sound: ‘…for a quick explosive response with penetrating definition and power.’
Sabian adds that the new 22” Ride ‘..adds that “in-demand” big ride to the line-up, offering a tasty balance of stick definition and tonal wash, and a mid-size bell that’s ideal for playing solid grooves. Its superb versatility will please drummers on a budget’.
Just in case it sounds like XSR is a budget range, however, Sabian adds: ‘XSR is not a budget series, but rather a line of smartly priced cymbals designed to better fit within the average drummer’s cymbal budget. As a result, XSR delivers unprecedented sound and performance at this price point’.


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