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Barnes and Mullins

Bill Collings – 1948-2017

Bill Collings, founder of the eponymous guitar brand and one of the world’s most admired and respected guitar makers has died, aged 68.
Born in Midland, Michigan in 1948, Collings moved to Ohio and eventually established his guitar making business in the mid-1970s in Austin, Texas. He brought a mastery of fine detail, a deep understanding of tone and consistency to acoustic guitar making, much of which stemmed from his background as a player and a mechanical engineer.
Fascinated by the disciplines involved in the finest grade of engineering and the sound of vintage acoustic guitars from the great American heritage brands, Collings brought the two together and the result, many believe, are the finest production acoustic an electric guitars currently being made.
Collings, who had battled against cancer for the past year, died on 14th July but had been working up until last week. The company remains family owned and will continue under the guidance of the current management team, headed by Steve McCreary.


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