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JHS supports Learn To Play Day with dealer discounts

JHS has again pledged its support for National Learn to Play Day 2017 by offering participating dealers a special trade discount on any orders placed specifically for stock in preparation for this year’s event.

The JHSLTPD17 discount code is worth 20 per cent off of the entire trade order placed with JHS for items purchased for this year’s event.

Alan Smith, JHS’s Executive Director for Sales and Marketing, said: ‘This initiative has worked well for everyone in previous years so we’re keen to continue to support National Learn to Play Day from the wholesale side – helping support our retail partners.’

The JHS discount code can be used only once per dealer between now and the weekend event starting on June 24th, and JHS is asking participating retailers to stock up on everything they plan to need in order to take advantage of the opportunity.

Retailers interested in participating in this year’s event should contact the MIA to register or use the following link:

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