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Tonetech to distribute Tone Up parts range

UK supplier Tonetech has been appointed worldwide distributor for Tone Up products, a range of replacement guitar and bass parts, led by the newly launched 3D Bass Bridge.

A worldwide launch and a first for the UK, the all stainless steel 3D Bass Bridge, includes a number of innovative design features, not least a convex base, claimed to maximise the surface contact area on the bass guitar’s body, quick release, ‘insert and twist’ string changing system and saddles with individual height, string spacing adjustment.

Tonetech owner Bill Quinn says: ‘When Sever Innovations approached Tonetech to be their global distributor for Tone Up products, we were delighted. It is a perfect fit for us with Sever Innovations developing a pipeline of new guitar parts and Tonetech promoting and distributing the products worldwide.’

Tonetech adds that Davorin Sever, the brainchild behind Sever Innovations, has more than 40 years experience as an engineer and designer spending many years developing a range of highly sophisticated guitar parts for the company’s Tone Up range, designed to improve tone and playability. and

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