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New Thomastik cello strings with 7 day discount offer for UK retailers

Thomastik-Infeld has launched its brand new Versum Solo cello strings at Musikmesse this week and UK distributor, Barnes & Mullins has announced an exclusive seven day discount offer for UK retailers.

Barnes & Mullins says the Versum Solo series offers: ‘unprecedented possibilities of combining colour, sound and texture and has been designed to deliver optimal power, response and projection.
Available as single A and D strings (RRP £44.10) as well as a combo pack containing both A and D strings together (RRP £88.20).’

Versum Solo strings are steel core, multialloy wound strings that have been developed to be used alongside other G and C cello strings to offer cellists a new freedom of expression when performing. Principal Cellist of Los Angeles Philharmonic and award winning soloist Robert deMaine says, ‘Versum Solo A and D cello strings are an unsurpassed game-changer. Not only do they possess the power to ‘cut through’ any acoustical situation, they also allow the listener to hear the glory of the instrument – not just the string.’

Barnes & Mullins is offering a 20% discount to all of their dealers off pre orders of Versum Solo A and D single and combo string packs for one week – available until Wednesday 12th April.

B&M says: ‘Having been developed to complement Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore cello strings, the offer includes 20% off Spirocore G and C packs when ordered with a pack of new Versum Solo strings.

‘The Versum Solo A string is noted for its smooth, saturated warm tone colours and soloistic brilliance that excels in both the delicate Pianissimo as well as the rich Fortissimo. Its effortless response and expression ensures it is swift to react with beautiful body and distinguished projection in any performance.

‘The Versum Solo D string has been developed to compensate for the common flaws of D-strings and offers a captivating presence, textured body and vast colour spectrum. It is manufactured from ultra-light aluminium and a synthetic coated copper winding to achieve a much smaller string diameter than commonly expected from a D-string. The result – a brilliant, powerful and rich sound that turns the D-string into an ideal bridge between G and A strings.

‘Versum Solo strings are available to pre order now and will be landing in the UK in mid-April. Dealers can take advantage of Barnes & Mullins’ exclusive 20% discount by speaking to their area sales managers.’


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