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New TrueOverDrive pedal from LunaStone

Bearing a strong resemblance to the TrueOverDrive 1 launched at NAMM, Denmark’s LunaStone has announced the introduction of the TrueOverDrive 2, designed, the maker says, to offer more low end and ‘a little more gain’ . The pedal will debut at Frankfurt’s Musikmesse later this week.,

‘Guitar overdrive is very often a personal matter of preference,’ says Steen Grøntved, founder of LunaStone. ‘And for some, a beefy bottom is the tone of reference so that is exactly what TOD 2 brings to the board. Overall, the core tone and transparency is the same as the original TOD 1, but with that extra low-end punch that fits certain playing styles and musical genres better.
It is our goal to cater for all guitar players, so it was a logical next step for us to make this tweak, tuning the pedal differently to make sure there is a suitable TOD for everyone out there.’

Physically, the appearance is exactly the same as TOD 1 with diagonally positioned knobs that can be adjusted on the fly with the foot, a clearly visible LED and a soft switching footswitch with relay. All of which is united in a minimalistic Scandinavian design package.

No UK price has been announced yet but the TOD 2 will sell for an RRP of $149/€149


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