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Aquarian and Music Shipping part company

After a long association with the US based Aquarian Brand, the Music Shipping Company has announced that it is to cease distributing Aquarian drumheads and drum accessories in the UK and Eire.
Music Shipping’s Craig Fenney said: ‘MSC and Aquarian have had a wonderful trading relationship for many years and we are very proud to have worked with them to greatly increase their profile in the UK and Europe. We part from them as their distributor but remain great friends within the drum industry.
‘With the changing market in the UK and Europe, Music Shipping is now focussed on its core brands such as Shaw Percussion – with its increasing range of products such as unique custom drum kits and UK designed drum hardware, drum sticks and drum mats, with virtually every other item a drummer needs in between. Our distribution of UFiP cymbals has also increased hugely since we started to work with them just over a year ago and they now have cymbals in the largest number of UK retail stores since the Italian UFiP company formed.
‘As we have always done we will also still continue to bring less high profile products to the UK and help them develop a good market position, as seen by our recent tie-ins with SkyGel and recently the fledgling Muff Kopf company in Germany. A small but very innovative range of high quality products, which is very similar to how the now internationally known Aquarian company began in California.’
Aquarian has yet to announce who will take over distribution but industry rumours suggest that Headstock is strongly tipped to add the line to its portfolio.

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