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Ortega leads new brands at Zed Music

Fast growing Zed Music Distribution has added Ortega to its portfolio of brands. Zed is also adding The Guitar Strap Company and Stonefield basses as it expands its offering to UK retailers.

‘One of our new brands is Ortega who have a fantastic range of instruments, across a multitude of price points, adding a key element to our portfolio, ‘ says Chris Mariani, Sales Director, Zed Music Distribution. ‘We are also bringing on board The Guitar Strap Co. and Stonefield basses, all of which support the building of our selection of pioneering products that are poised for rapid growth and success. For 2017 our ambitions include expanding distribution into Europe,’

Mariani added that Ortega guitars has moved away from the nylon string guitar mould and combines modern manufacturing techniques and guitar developments with traditional classical Spanish guitar luthiery. ZMD has the distribution for the entire range including nylon string guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, acoustic basses, percussion and accessories.

‘The Guitar Strap Co., is truly a 21st century company utilising crowd funding and social media to promote rapid growth and create a global impression, demonstrated by the goliaths in the industry they are already collaborating and working with,’ Mariani says.

‘Stonefield basses, handmade in New Zealand by Tomm Stanley, bring together diverse elements of the stringed instrument design world, providing a revolutionary patented tuning system, remarkable passive electronics and unmistakable design to set a new standard in electric bass guitars.’

The full ZMD line-up now includes Cole Clark, Ormsby, Ortega, Flaxwood, Stonefield, Guitar Strap Co. and the Wazinator.


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