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Barnes and Mullins

Radial powers on

Canada’s Radial launched too many new products at NAMM for us to cover in one short news piece, fully living up to its reputation for multiple launches.

Under its Tonebone legend, Radial showed the new North-Star, a combination overdrive and power booster: ‘purpose-built for today’s rock-oriented country guitarists’. Its versatile overdrive circuit can be suited to a number of genres with tone-shaping features that allow players to adjust the sonic characteristics to their style, Radial says.

Keyboard players should look out for the new Key-Largo, a unique device that combines a multi-channel keyboard mixer with the performance attributes of a real-time footswitch controller.

Other introductions included the LX-2 Passive Line Splitter and Attenuator, the LX-3 Passive Line Splitter (the numbers denote the destinations you can send a signal to), and the Tonebone Texas-Pro Overdrive and Boost pedal.

More? Why, of course! How about the Hot-British V9 (Tonebone) Distortion Pedal? And if that doesn’t hit the spot there’s the Tonebone Headlight, a compact guitar amp selector which is able to sequentially activate up to four amps using a single footswitch. Or perhaps the Regency, a new type of pedal designed specifically to pre-emphasize the gain stage of high gain amps.

Believe it or not, there were even more new products from Radial, but no doubt MIN will cover those when they arrive.


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