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Orange launches Kongpressor compression pedal

We covered Orange’s new Rocker combos a few days ago but new amps weren’t the only new introductions on the veteran UK company’s stand. Just after it unveiled the Rockers and a new acoustic-electric pre-amp, Orange also launched its new Kongpressor, said to draw on the world’s most iconic vintage optical studio compressors for its inspiration.

The Kongpressor is an analogue Class A compression pedal with, Orange says, a very natural sound. ‘It has an incredibly satisfying, springy playing response with attack and release times that can be adjusted to suit. At low compression levels the pedal’s effect is transparent, yet somehow fattening, adding mojo and a glossy sheen to the core tone.’

Like all Orange pedals, the Kongpressor doubles its operating voltage internally to 18V. This drastically increases the headroom, resulting in super clean compression. Even at extreme settings, where most compressors start to suck the life out of the sound, the Kongpressor’s tone remains musical with a great feel under the fingers.

In addition to the compression parameters, the pedal also features an active treble control, Chime, to add extra sparkle if desired.


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