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Barnes and Mullins

Sabian & Gon Bops

Despite the well attested problems in the drum and percussion market, product manufacturers seem to have responded not by contracting but by increasing the number of new products. Sabian and Gon Bops, for example, had plenty to gawp at.

New from Sabian this year were Artisan Elite, AA Mini Holy China, AAX Aero Splash, B8X Ballistic Crash, XSR Fast Stax, HHX Evolution, Artisan Light Hats and a Quick 22 Cymbal Bag from SPA.

When the SABIAN Vault team got together with Dave Weckl to develop the Evolution line in 2002, the perfectionist Weckl would settle for no less than an extra-thin crash with buttery feel and glassy attack, Sabian says. For 2017, the company has added two popular sizes to the Evolution line, a 19”
Crash and a 21” Ride, a move prompted by the ongoing demand from drummers for larger cymbals, it says.

New from Gon Bops, meanwhile were an Pandeiro, DDLR Tambourine & Shakers, Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr. El Maestro Cajon and a Chrome Hardware Option in a Reissue Mariano Line.


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