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Remo goes classic – and more

Drummers searching for heads to fit their classic kits are in luck thanks to the latest from Remo, unveiled at this year’s show: the Classic Fit Drumhead for oversized drums made prior to the mid 60’s. Remo says The Classic Fit batter drumheads have a slightly narrower flesh hoop and step design yet maintains a standard outside diameter that does not interfere with the counter hoop. Available with Ambassador Coated, Clear or Fiberskyn film and sizes 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, and 18”. Also available in a Snare Side Ambassador Hazy, sizes 12” and 13”.

Remo Felt Tone

Also new are the The Powerstroke 3 Felt Tone Bass Drumheads, which incorporate the traditional style of dampening a bass drum with a strip of felt. Featuring a free-floating dampening strip built into the drumhead without glues or adhesives makes this drumhead ideal for vintage and contemporary drum set applications. Available in either Hazy or Fiberskyn film for a unique specialized appearance in sizes 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, and 26”.

Remo Symmetry M2 Conga

Finally, Remo announced that it is expanding the Symmetry Conga drumhead line that features a LOW COLLAR height accommodating two major OEM brands; LP Compact Conga and Congas with the X Rims, and Pearl’s Travel Congas and Congas with “EASYPLAY” Rims. With these additions the Remo says it answers the call from many consumers: ‘…who want to experience the benefits of Remo’s Film Technology for Synthetic Conga drumheads. Find your model at’


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