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Barnes and Mullins

Hayden mounts full-on NAMM onslaught

Ashdown’s guitar sibling, Hayden, has suffered false starts with US distribution in the past but 2017 has seen Mark Gooday return to the show with a significant number of brand new products to temp international buyers and their UK counterparts.

The Vanquish

In fact there were so many new amps on display that it’s hard to know where to start so, more or less at random, here is the DB2 range (part of a distinct Aston Martin theme). Designed by the renowned Dave Green (who has previously worked with Matamp, Orange and Hiwatt) the DB2 range is hand built in Essex and is said to offer both ‘English and American style 3D clean and crunch tones effortlessly cut-through from channel 1 of the DB-2, while creamy full bodied lead sounds full of rich harmonics and sustain can be found on channel 2.’

Hayden DB-2 amplifiers are constructed using Latvian birch marine grade plywood and come as a single head, the DB2-EL34H with three combo options, the DB2-EL34-C112-JBB, DB2-EL34-C112-CAG and DB2-6V6- C210-JEN. The 2 x 10” combo features 6V6 power valves and is fitted with Jenson P-10 Alnico Speakers, whereas with the 1×10” Combos – fitted with EL34 tubes as standard – come in two speaker options, Jenson Black-Bird Alnico or Celestion Alnico Gold.

Also hand built in England, the new Hayden MF range follows on the heels of the original MoFo and includes the MF-484 30 Watt and MF-284 15-watt amp heads. The MF-484, features four EL84 power tubes while its 15 Watt brother makes do with two. The amps feature a ‘Studio’ switch that turns them down to a bearable two Watts output for use at home.

It’s back to Aston Martin territory for the dual channel Vanquish, which delivers 30/3 Watts switchable from four EL84 valves and is claimed to be capable of convincingly swapping between US and British tones with ease. It also has a ‘cascade’ button, which increases the front-end gain level to allow earlier or later break up.

Finally, to accompany the new amps, Hayden revealed a new line-up of cabinets including the H-112 – 1 x 12” and H-212 – 2 x 12”, each hand built in the UK and loaded with Celestion Creamback speakers.


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