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LunaStone launches ‘TrueOverDrive for the Masses’ at NAMM

Danish guitar pedal specialist LunaStone will be showing a brand new addition to its well regarded TrueOverDrive concept at NAMM – the TrueOverDrive 1 pedal.

Based on the LunaStone Big Fella it uses a cascaded gain stage approach to emulate tube overdrive sounds but it does so with a much smaller footprint, in keeping with today’s needs to maximise the number of pedals a player can fit on a board.

LunaStone founder and head engineer, Steen Grøntved, says: ‘It was paramount to me to preserve the fundamental nature of the TrueOverDrive character in this new pedal, and I am very pleased with the result. TOD 1 is characterised by extreme transparency even at high gain settings. Something you would normally only be able to achieve with good old tube amps driven hard and not from a drive pedal.

‘The characteristics of your beloved guitars, pick-up settings and amplifiers stay intact and will not get smudged by over-saturation, when you increase the gain/drive amount on the pedal. Also, turning down the volume knob on your guitar will clean up your sound steplessly, thanks to the TrueOverDrive technology based on cascaded gain stages. I truly believe that TOD1 will grow with you and be your ‘always-on-the-board’ pedal. Your one true drive love.’

Available in February, the TOD 1 will sell for £139.

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