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Barnes and Mullins

New analogue pedals and more from EBS

Sweden’s EBS has three new analogue overdrive pedals on show NAMM 2017: the Black Haze, Drive Me Crazy and The Drive – all were developed for guitar but work with bass too, the company says.

The three pedals each feature a Drive, Tone and Volume control. Drive Me Crazy and Black Haze as well as a character switch that can be set to Thin, Normal or Deep.

A new compact housing design includes recessed jacks to reduce space between pedals on a pedal board, and a comfortable angle of the pedal that offers smoother switching with a player’s foot.

Also new are EBS’s Premium Gold Flat Patch Cables which are designed to maximise the space available on pedals boards. The tiny contact housing (21.5×10.5x5mm) is made of 24 carat gold plated die cast zinc wrapped in a PVC sleeve. They will be available in four lengths: 10, 18, 28 & 58 cm.

Finally, Ebs will be showing the Reidmar 500 lightweight bass amp (to replace the previous Reidmar 470). The new model is reduced in size by 10%


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