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Zed Distribution adds Ormsby and Flaxwood to prestige range

Sevenoaks based Zed Distribution, already gaining ground with the unique Australian-made Cole Clark acoustic range, has added two other, equally distinctive, guitar brands to its portfolio – the revolutionary Ormsby guitars and the composite bodied Flaxwood series.

Ormsby guitars, designed by Perry Ormsby in Perth, Australia and gaining considerable Internet attention in the past year or so, are usually produced by hand in small quantities, most featuring a unique ‘multiscale’ design which, while visually similar to fanned fret necks in appearance, are a unique design by Ormsby aimed at overcoming the tuning and other problems created by standard scale instruments. Ormsby has now teamed up with South Korea’s premier electric guitar builder, World Guitars (which produces many of the world’s top guitar brands’ Korean-made instruments) to make limited runs of Ormsby instruments, which Zed will be the first to sell in Europe.

Zed’s sales director, Chris Mariani says: ‘Based on the famous custom shop Ormsby designs, the GTR range sets a new standard for the production multiscale instruments. With so much to offer, at such affordable prices, we are very excited to be bringing them to the United Kingdom and we have no doubt the UK will love them just as much as we do.’

MIN understands the first of these idiosyncratic guitars will arrive in the UK in seven days time.

Flaxwood has been around for longer and has gathered a following, not least because of the company’s desire to explore alternatives to traditional tonewoods without sacrificing tone and feel. Well reviewed internationally by the consumer guitar press, Flaxwoods are currently in stock with Zed Distribution.


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