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Barnes and Mullins

Thomastik-Infeld Versum Cello strings score with leading Cellists.

Thomastik-Infeld report that their Versum cello strings are proving popular with leading cellists since their launch at the beginning of 2016.

Versum strings feature steel core and multialloy wound A and D strings and spiral core, tungsten/chrome wound G and C strings. In keeping with the complete Thomastik-Infeld string range, they are handmade in Vienna and distributed exclusively in the UK by Barnes & Mullins, who say that Versum strings are noted for their striking tonal balance that comprises a sweet high end and a warm lower end.

‘Their focused sound and powerful and precise intonation afford cellos a unique personality and versatile expression. Such sonic benefits and versatility have subsequently seen notable Thomastik cello artists Elisaveta Sharakhovskaya and Martin Rummel use them in conjunction with other Thomastik Cello strings to achieve new and exciting sounds. Elisaveta Sharakhovskaya uses them alongside Thomastik Spirocore strings, stating, “I love this string combination, because of their warm, powerful, colourful and rich sound palette”‘.

Martin Rummel plays a mixture of Spirit, Belcanto, Spirocore and Versum strings. Martin comments, ‘For a very long time, I have used Thomastik Tungsten Spirocore C and G strings on all my instruments… Currently I am playing the new Versum A and a strong Tungsten Spirocore C, while we are experimenting on new D and G strings… Thomastik-Infeld continuously impress and inspire me, and I always feel that all their strings enable me to use my instruments to their maximum range of expression.’
Versum strings are available to order in the UK now from Barnes & Mullins as individual 4/4 size strings with a starting retail price of £38.31 and as a full set (RRP £262.77).


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