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LunaStone gains US distribution

Danish guitar pedal brand LunaStone, recently starting to make inroads in the UK market, has appointed a US distributor, Dedicated Musical Imports (DMI).

DMI is founded and headed by MI and pro audio veteran Ed Simeone who has served as CEO for TC Electronic US, as well as serving as production manager, FOH engineer and keyboard tech for countless top artists, including Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Journey, Charlie Sexton and TOTO. ‘I was made aware of the LunaStone pedals when my former colleague Allan Strand invested in the company and set out to take the brand to the next level,’ says Ed Simeone. ‘Once I heard the pedals, I instantly knew this was a journey I wanted to join. Knowing Allan as a great colleague form the past, it was easy to make the decision and go all in on LunaStone.’


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