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Music Shipping picks up DRUMnBASE drum mats

The Music Shipping Company has been appointed UK distributor for DRUMnBASE products from Holland.

The #1 Drum Mat from DRUMnBASE is a unique ‘foldable’ drum mat, making it a great option for easy transport, MSC says. Rather than the long tube of carpet that drummers usually carry this can be folded and packed inside one of their drum bags or cases. Made from a unique anti-slip material that is washable and ‘spike proof’ from the kits bass drum spurs etc. ‘Whilst being very suitable for the gigging musician travelling by car due to its space saving size, it also offers a more reflective sound surface for drums than the traditional choice of carpet, which all levels of player will appreciate. Measuring 1.80m x 1.40m it will take a full size kit easily.’

The material is resistant to creasing and will sit perfectly on all surfaces. The Mat weighs 3.5kg. UK SRP £89.00

DRUMnBASE also recently launched a ‘new standard’ of bass drum hoop protection The HOOP PROTECT 180, which gives bass drum hoops total protection on the top, the bottom and the edge. The HP180 also increases the pedal grip on to the hoop. UK SRP £6.69

Music Shipping says that DRUMnBASE is a company started ‘by drummers for drummers’ and has a lot of interesting new products in the pipeline.

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