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Barnes and Mullins

November launch for four new MXRs

Westside Distribution will have four new pedals from MXR available this November – the Double-Double Overdrive, Script Dyna Comp Compressor, Script Phase 95 Phaser and the Shin-Juku Drive.

The Double-Double Overdrive (RRP £129.99) offers two overdrive circuits, a Low Gain mode, High Gain Mode to emphasise highs and lows and true bypass operation.

MXR’s Script Dyna Comp Compressor (RRP £134.99) is said to offer the classic Dyna Comp sound but with a quieter operation, greater transparency and increased dynamic range. The Script Phase 95 Phaser (RRP £106.99 meanwhile) is claimed to ‘Combine MXR’s most iconic phase circuits in a single mini housing’. With a footprint around half the size of a standard MXR pedal, it is said to combine the circuits of both a Phase 45 and a Phase 90 in a single unit.

Finally. MXR’s Shin-Juku Drive (RRP £133.99) is the result of a collaboration between MXR and Japan’s Shin Suzuki. Mysteriously, Westside says: ‘The MXR Custom Shop design team worked with Shin Suzuki, Japan’s most celebrated amp tech and pedal designer, to capture the sound of one of the rarest and most sought-after amps ever made. Shin used his intimate knowledge of said amplifier to create a pedal that provides smooth, wide open overdrive with tons of sustain and incredibly fast response time to every playing detail.’ It doesn’t name the amp in question. Info:

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