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JHS bags Beck’s Bohemian

JHS has added the US-designed Bohemian range of ‘oil can’ guitars, basses and ukuleles – one of which was featured by Jeff Beck on his recent album Loud Hailer, he revealed in a recent issue of Rolling Stone.

Designed in the US and built using recycled metals, Bohemian guitars have a hollow body with removable back panel. Using a basswood frame for increased amplification and structural integrity, the maple neck features an extended tenon design that reaches to the end of the can. JHS says this makes them much lighter than a standard guitar with exceptional balance due to the wood frame and a smaller body shape that allows increased access to the higher frets. This innovative design leads to an equally distinctive tone, JHS continues. “These guitars are harmonically rich, with the pickups and metal bodies of the instrument melding into a beautifully open, airy tone (and a hint of metallic twang). Notes bloom as they are played, gathering strength and richness as they resonate.”

The brainchild of South African brothers Adam and Shaun Lee, they took their inspiration from the resourcefulness of local musicians on the streets of Johannesburg who would often build their own instruments from discarded junk. When the brothers moved to Atlanta, Georgia, Shaun began to manufacture his own instruments out of his parent’s basement, and Adam helped him to supply them to the local music community. A few short years later and Bohemian guitars are shipping around the world.

Bohemian is also committed to building guitars sustainably by using less lumber than a traditional guitar, with the necks coming from sustainable forests or reclaimed woods, and the bodies are made partially from recycled materials. Additionally, Bohemian plant one tree with every order received through their partner, Trees for the Future, an organisation dedicated to improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalising degraded lands.

Available in seven different designs and a variety of pickup configurations – Bohemian Ale (3 single coils) Motor Oil (2 double coils) Moonshine (2 single coils) Surf Wax (P90 style) Honey (single & double coil) TNT and Hot Sauce (2 P90 style) – the Bohemian Electric guitar range models sell for £249 UK rrp.

Meanwhile, featuring six different colour finishes – Electric Limeade, Surf Wax, TNT, Motor Oil Moonshine and Hot Sauce – the Bohemian Bass guitar range has a distinctive tone with a unique open tonality and bags of sustain that adds something radically different to your sound and look, and won’t break the bank either at £269 UK rrp.

Finally, using the same unique construction as the guitar and bass range, Bohemian Ukuleles “have a distinctive tonality that sets them apart from the crowd.” Finished in a variety of eye-catching designs – Surf Wax, TNT, Motor Oil, Moonshine, Honey and Hot Sauce – with increased access to the higher frets for whole new sonic worlds and superb playability, grab yourself a Boho uke today for only £119 UK rrp!

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