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Shaw Kicks Of 150 Year Celebration With New Snare Drums

British drum and percussion manufacturer Shaw is celebrating the start of its 150th continuous year of UK production by launching limited quantity of UK produced vintage style, mixed maple snare drums, themed to the 1960’s Beat Boom era.

There are six different 1960’s themed designs with each design released in six colour choices. The colours are matched to 1960’s period paint charts. To be really consistent with the theme these are all six lug, twin flange hoop drums as was common at this time from makers such as Ludwig, Slingerland, Gretsch etc.

Shaw says: “Where our modern methods can improve on this is that with the improved design and engineering quality of our hardware and fittings, and by using Aquarian developed drumheads we have been able to eliminate the tuning problems and ‘boom’ that can occur with less drum tuning points. However we have kept the power, openness and increased volume that comes with less metal hardware on the drum. Less fittings mean that the shell is able to resonate more freely.”

Started 150 years ago, William Shaw Ltd made began by making drumsticks for local Northern England factory marching and brass band drummers, although the company’s main business when it was formed was wooden pegs for the mill industry. Shaw continued with drumstick production through the wartime Dance Band Era and into the 1950s Skiffle period. By the time that the ‘British Beat Boom’ was in full swing in the 1960s the Shaw factory was almost exclusively producing drumsticks. The original Classic English Model sticks such as Super Soul, E and C are still produced currently along with more familiar USA models such as 5A and 7A etc. Shaw promises more celebrations as the year unfolds.

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