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Barnes and Mullins

Active adds Ludwig Acrophonic

Active Music has announced the UK arrival of the much anticipated Ludwig Acrophonic Special Edition Snare drum.

The Acrophonic Special Edition will only be manufactured in a limited quantity and is a combination of Ludwig’s classic Supraphonic and Acrolite snare drums, featuring a hand hammered, seamless brushed aluminium shell. This new snare drum also features Imperial Lugs, a Keystone Badge and Classic Triple Flange Hoops.

Active says: “The combination of two of the most classic snare drums in history, as well as the fact that this is a limited run, means this snare drum will not only sound incredible but will undoubtedly go up in value over time. A must for Players and Collectors alike.”

The Ludwig Acrophonic is available in 14” x 5” (LA404K) and 14” x 6.5” (LA405K) models.


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