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Fishman Announce New Artist Fluence Pickups


Fishman Pickups

Fishman has recently announced that well-known guitar clinician, Greg Koch, now has his own ‘Gristle-Tone’ pickup set (PRF-TEL-GK1) which features one lead and one rhythm pickup, designed as direct replacements for the classic, twin single coil, single cutaway guitar. Completely assembled and prewired, the drop-in control plate includes a three way switch, volume and tone controls and a push-push voice selector to instantly switch between ‘white guard’ and ‘black guard’ tones – with flawless articulation and no hum. Koch commented, “Thanks to Fishman Fluence the voices in my head are now in my guitar.”
Deftones co-founder and guitarist, Stephen Carpenter, is well-known for his prolific usage of 7- and 8- string guitars. Now Fishman Fluence has developed a Fluence Signature Set to accommodate his needs. The PRF-MS7-SC1 7-string humbucker, and PRF-MS8-SC1 8-string humbucker sets both feature one ceramic pickup for bridge position and one alnico for neck or middle position. Volume, tone and push-pull voice selector switch (useable in volume or tone position) gives you control over the pickup tonality. “I was never a super-critical guy,” says Stephen. “I like clean full sounding pickups. I jammed with the Fluence pickups for about 45 minutes and thought, ‘these things are great! I didn’t want to stop playing!’”

Devin Townsend has also been working with Fishman and the collaboration has created the PRF-CSB-DT2 Devin Townsend Fluence Pickup Set which features one bridge and one neck humbucking pickup and, as with all Fluence pickups, the player can choose between two distinct voices. “Voice one is my Heavy Metal voice,” says Devin, “With pole pieces rather than blades for more ‘sonic havoc’. Voice two is a passive low-gain, single-coil sweet sounding tone that hits the amps and compressors just so.”

All Fishman Fluence Signature Pickups install without permanent modification and include all wiring, cables and schematics needed.


PRF-TEL-GK1 £499

PRF-MS7-SC1 £389

PRF-MS8-SC1 £389

PRF-CSB-DT2 £399


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