Yamaha TransAcoustic wins Best In Show

Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha’s TransAcoustic guitar, introduced earlier this year and showcased at Summer NAMM, was named ‘Best in Show’ by a panel of industry experts at the annual music products trade event held in Nashville.

This award is bestowed upon the most innovative products during the show’s NAMM U, where 300 business owners, suppliers, employers and endorsed artists gather to hear a distinguished panel of retail-buying experts present their top picks of all the products displayed at the show.

Part of the handcrafted Yamaha L series, the TransAcoustic guitar was recognized for creating an entirely new concept in acoustic guitar technology, enabling players to add both reverb and chorus to the natural sound of the instrument – which emanates from the guitar itself, without external effects or amplification. The TransAcoustic guitar accomplishes this through the incorporation of an actuator inside the instrument. When the player performs, the strings cause the actuator to vibrate, which is then conveyed to the guitar body and to the air around the guitar, resulting in stunningly authentic reverb and chorus effects.

“This guitar makes me want to play when I sit down and play it. We were blown away by this,” said Tim Pratt, president, Dietze Music of Omaha, Nebraska. The two models, Yamaha LL-TA dreadnought and LS-TA concert acoustic, are available in Vintage Tint and Brown Sunburst finishes, with clear pick guards and ebony fingerboards. They each feature a solid Engelmann spruce top that has been aged with Yamaha A.R.E. technology, as well as rosewood backs and sides, which translates into a warm, yet powerful vintage quality tone. Five-ply mahogany and rosewood necks are climate resistant, and they intonate and stay intonated over time.